Dezember 14, 2012

Where I Got Lost Lately – Or: Happy Birthday To Me

It’s my birthday today. I almost forgot about it. Life is busy at the moment and having bday right before x-mas doesn’t help.
I am running from one Christmas party to the other. In between it was my son’s bday two weeks ago and now mine. Party? Nah, just coffee and cake with parents, kids and boyfriend.
Jepp, boyfriend. Keeps me busy but I am happy.
Besides this, my day job, my two new dogs and some moving excitement I am happy to catch every minute of sleep I can get. I don’t even think about what to wear; still I try to look appropriate at work. Nevertheless this doesn’t feel like my usual dressing. There really have been some blog worth outfits but no time or mood for photography.
And it’s so beautiful outside, snow, icy cold, sun at least every second day.
I am on the run to have a look after my cake.
I hope to find back here more often. I only can get chillier in 2013 after “the days”.

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November 30, 2012

Best Of: November 2012

Actually a lot of those photos were taken in October (and one in September), nevertheless I posted them in November, so they are in this Best Of.

Which was your favorite?
I still prefer all those summer outfits from the holidays, even I haven't had so much to choose with me. 
I am this summer type of guy that likes wearing shorts and skirts. But heh, summer will be back soon!

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November 26, 2012

One Of Those

Jennifer Taylor knit | New Yorker blouse | freebird skirt
C&A leggings, Kayla boots | H&M coat and bag | 40° beanie

... hopefully not too boring office looks. Without coat and beanie indoors for sure.

Do you like the combination of blues and grey?

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November 24, 2012

Inspiration III: Rebel Romance

Vogue  Germany 12/2012

Grunge Look 2013
So Grunge / Punk / Glamrock is "in" again. Thank god! Though my real me became "out".
Got the irony?

Nevertheless I like the lookbook.

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November 23, 2012

Unheavenly Stairway

Esprit blazer | Vero Moda blouse | H&M jeans
Kayla boots | Cubus, River Island and Bijou Brigitte bracelets

I liked this outfit "in action" much more than on these pictures. And I look like shit in the face. Ouch.
Some make up might do the job.

Sorry for the unspectacular location and stuff. Rain and fog outside, no time... but the need to shoot the outfit. This came up. I am not satisfied.

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November 22, 2012

Another Last In 2012

Visconti fake leather jacket 
Forever 21 longsleeve | New Yorker tank underneath | Abercrombie & Fitch jeans
Steve Madden booties | Miu Miu bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace

It's cold, it's freezing. 
This was last saturday and I was about to jump into my car and meet up for a cup of coffee or two or three and some nice selfmade applepie with a friend.
I thought it's only a few meters from door to car to door so there wouldn't be any need for a warm jacket or a scarf or so. Luckily I took my gloves.
This jacket is not made for temperatures around zero.
Good bye for the winter.

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November 21, 2012

Turtles And Ruins

Esprit tank | Pimkie shorts | Converse sneakers 
Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies | Mondani bag

My holiday photos are slowly coming to an end. What a pity.
While looking out of the window I only see a grey wall - fog, not the house straight ahead. 
It's too nice to see some blue sky, even it's only in the photos.

That day we were climbing mountains again, looking for wild life turtles. And we really found some. One was so small (you can see it in the hands of my kids) that I almost stepped on it. Good luck I realized it in the last moment. 
We found a lot of animal bones as well. The whole scene up there on that mountain was like in an old tv western. Dry soil, dead trees, animal bones. Scary and fascinating at the same time.

While that roundtrip up in the hills we reached Paleo Pyli, ruins of a medieval pirate's village and a castle with a wonderful view all around the Aegean. Stunning.

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November 20, 2012

Same But Different

Vila leather jacket | Zara knit | Tripp NYC jeans
40° beanie | vintage scarf | SPM bootis

I wore this already the other day. But why change a winning team? 
Since it's colder now I added the starry scarf and my beloved 40° beanie.

Which combination do you like better?

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