Januar 31, 2013


H&M fake leather jacket, blouse and leggings
Detox booties | Guess belt

Last thursday I was on a gig of friends of mine. Their band is called Solowshow* and they are playing accoustic rock music with different influences.

It was really great to see them live  on stage again.

You can read about them here in German and see a few gig photos on the right.

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Zara knit | Görtz booties 
Guess watch | Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet
left: H&M jeans | right: Zara jeans

Left: What I wore for saturday lunch at my parents.
Right: What I recycled for a Monday at work. 

I am one of those persons who like to wear a piece more often then once before washing - just in another combination.
So I wore those jeans from yesterday's post another day and as well the black and white stripped knit. The booties where the same in both outfits. Obviously.

What do you think? 
Which one do you like better? 
(Yeah, the perspective of the second photo isn't the best one....)

Do you recycle your cloth?

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Januar 30, 2013

Just A Boring Day...


Lindgrøn leather jacket | Pieces scarf and beanie
H&M knit | Zara jeans
Deichmann booties | Forever 21 necklace | Cubus and Esprit bracelets

... at least it seems and I don't look that happy.
It's been one of those day where it was grey outside and I asume I slept too less again.
Busy at work and stuff.

But no whining. I am alright!

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Januar 29, 2013

Back To The Moment / Retro Camera X

Bday present: my personel assistents

My dogs holding hands

Xmas party at the sports club

lunch with son and boyfriend (part I)

lunch with son and boyfriend (part II)

just because

my son's beloved "Köter" taking a bath

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Januar 28, 2013

Outside / Inside

Street One coat, Pieces scarf and beanie
Mango knit, Tommy Hilfiger jeans
Görtz booties, Miss Sixty bag

The story with the girl in the mirror continues.
This is what I was wearing the other day.
Outside with coat, scarf, beanie.... inside without for sure.

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Januar 27, 2013

Lately Part II

1. H&M tee, longsleeve & jeans | Underground shoes
2. Voyelles jacket | Abercrombie & Fitch longsleeve | Esprit jeans | Deichmann booties
3. H&M shirt and jeans | Görtz booties

Here's another part of those boring mirror snap shots.
Sorry for this. Nevertheless I hope you like the outfits?
Honestly I dislike the first one now. Something to learn off. :)

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Januar 26, 2013

Two In One Outfit


1982 jeans | Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace
1. H&M shirt | Jennifer Taylor knit | SPM booties
2. Espirt tee | New Yorker cardi | Tamaris booties | Miss Sixty bag

The other day I met a friend for dinner (2) after work (1). I was too lazy to really chance outfits but did a little chance instead.

Have you ever been to 1982? I never even heard of that before but run in there by accident some weeks ago and found those green jeans. Dunno about the other stuff.
What do you think about that jeans?

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Januar 25, 2013

Januar 24, 2013

Shopping 2013 / Part II

After the Sales shopping trip in Kiel downtown I still felt the need for shopping. Or to stay true: I ordered at Zara BEFORE we went downtown. 
Above you can see what I ordered.

In the end I kept the jeans, the striped knit and the heels.
I was and still am in love with the booties. But I wanted plain leather and not suede again. So I said good bye. Actually I doesn't make me happy to see the photo now - I still want them.

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Januar 23, 2013

Lately Part I

1. Pimkie jacket | American Eagle longsleeve | Original jeans | Tamaris wedge sneakers
2. Esprit jeans, blazer and blouse | New Rock boots
3. H&M knit, shirt and jeans | Visconti fake leather jacket | Tamaris booties

Here we go with some mirror snap shots.
I assume I told about a lot of stuff going on here already. In the mirror you can see a part of my new dressing room. Work still continues. 
Besides I am without a photographer at the moment. So the "take a photo of myself in the mirror" story might continue for a while.
Ask boyfried to take photos? Great idea. Yes. But no?

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Januar 22, 2013

The Thing With The Shoes - 1+2 in 2013

Görtz Shoes | Zara

I kinda started to collect shoes. These are pair one and two in 2013.
The story will continue.

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Januar 07, 2013

Shopping 2013 / Boyfriendpart

As I promised yesterday this is what we shopped in the men's departments.

Are you interesed in men's fashion on my blog as well? 
The bf thingie is a part of my life now and hopefully for a long time.

And this blog is about me, interests, inspirations and what I did the other day stuff - so boyfriend and parts of his "shit" as well. 

Do you like?

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Januar 06, 2013

Shopping 2013 / Part I


Yesterday boyfriend and I went a little shopping.
This is what I bought myself - besides some underwear I am not going to show off in this blog. 
Right now I am not sure what to keep or not, there is the one or other piece I am not that sure about. 
Speaking of the gray jeans shirts, the black jeans and the green fake leather jacket.
Later on we will retry the stuff and decide about everything.
(And I am still waiting for a package from Zara.)

Shoes are missing? RIGHT! I need some new shoes. 

In between shopping we hopped into Starbucks. It was lovely to sit in the window, watch the people walk by and relax a little before continuing shopping.
(Tomorrow I'll show you the boy's stuff we shopped! Interested?)

After cloth shopping we just put the bags into the flat and drove to IKEA for some interior shopping. More about that in a little while.
When finally home I cooked us a nice meal and really late that night at least I fell into bed. 

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