Januar 06, 2013

Shopping 2013 / Part I


Yesterday boyfriend and I went a little shopping.
This is what I bought myself - besides some underwear I am not going to show off in this blog. 
Right now I am not sure what to keep or not, there is the one or other piece I am not that sure about. 
Speaking of the gray jeans shirts, the black jeans and the green fake leather jacket.
Later on we will retry the stuff and decide about everything.
(And I am still waiting for a package from Zara.)

Shoes are missing? RIGHT! I need some new shoes. 

In between shopping we hopped into Starbucks. It was lovely to sit in the window, watch the people walk by and relax a little before continuing shopping.
(Tomorrow I'll show you the boy's stuff we shopped! Interested?)

After cloth shopping we just put the bags into the flat and drove to IKEA for some interior shopping. More about that in a little while.
When finally home I cooked us a nice meal and really late that night at least I fell into bed. 

Thanks for reading. 
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