Oktober 23, 2012

Back From Greece

I am back from wonderful two weeks on Kos, Greece. 
My kids and I enjoyed the sun and the ancient sights. Besides I was a little shopping, not that much as you can see.
But I kind of fullfilled myself a dream with those booties.

Two weeks without internet was good. Nevertheless I missed being in touch with some ppl.

After coming home yesterday I met up with my appartment sitter and we had a drunk welcome back party. It was good to see some ppl again yesterday and today.
Esp two of you: I missed you and it's great to have you back finally.

Expect some holiday and some outfit photos to follow during the next days.
Let's see what I am able to mix up with some up to date shots.

Hope you enjoyed the pre postings during the last days.

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Oktober 22, 2012

Life Changing

Visconti fake leather jacket | not branded leather skirt | H&M knit
Gina Tricot leggings | Mango scarf | Mexx boots | not branded bag

Shit photos under shit circumstances. As I told you the other day my hallway was under construction and I placed my mirror in my living room. The living room needs to be under construction sooner (and not later) as well. 
So welcome to the chaos of my book shelf, my guitar and some untidyed stuff ;)

Ok, about the outfit. Why did I wear it THAT day? There were a lot of reasons. First the knit had to be recycled before washing, second I love the skirt, third... okok. I am the second master of lying to myself. Hoory. Feels good to know about this. Think the winner in the contest got it as well, we are even and all is fine.

Matter of factly this was the last prepost for my holidays. While you are reading this I am on the way to the airport or already on the plane home.
Two weeks are over and at least while I am writing this I am a little worried what will await me back home.

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Oktober 21, 2012

Madagascar III

Visconti fake leather jacket | H&M knit and tights | Pimkie fake leather skirt
New Rock boots
American Eagle necklace | New Yorker sunnies | Guess watch | Strawberry, Gina Tricot, Monki and Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelets

The kids and I really like the Madagascar movies and before we took off for the holidays we went to the movies to see Madagascar 3. Awesome. I am pretty much into kids movies with parts of adult humour.
Have you seen the movie? I'd really recommend it.

In case you realized I didn't mention the bag above. Right. I didn't - on purpose.
This bag was waiting for dust in my mum's hallway for ages. I have never seen her taking it out, nevertheless she told me she did. Last time I was at my parent's place I simply decided to "borrow" it. As I know my mum I won't have to take it back any time (soon). Dunno where it's from, dunno if it has a brand or not, the sign is cut out. But who cares?
I am in like with it. Suites me much better as my mum ;)

What do you think?

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Oktober 20, 2012

What's In My Bag?

Miss Sixty Bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet

I took this photo on a pretty average day and this is what I carry around most of the time.

The Miss Sixty bag is a souvenier from Grand Canary last year. I saw it at Macy's there and didn't want to spent the money. I didn't get it out of my mind so I took it home in the end.
The MMJ wallet found it's way into my shopping card while I was supposed to buy the MMJ bag only. It was like "WTF this 'little' more money doesn't count anymore now".

What else is there?
My all-in-one-thingie called phone and inears therefore. It's a HTC sensation and I LOVE it! There's nothing better then this one.
As well there are earplugs since you never know which gig you might end up.
Even I have a smartphone I carry a paper calender around. I am a little old schooled when it comes to this kind of stuff and still keep paper calenders running in my bag and at the office table.
As well I have a notes book as I have to write down everything all the time.
Sure I am in need of a pen, just anyone is enough so I won't mind to loose it.
Seems this day I had some time to wait out somewhere so I took a magazine with me. You can replace it with any interesting book. 

Hairbrush, bebe lip balm, love+beauty lip gloss, cigs and two lighters (sometimes only one, three are possible as well) and my keys.

That's it.

What do you carry around on an every day basis?

Oktober 19, 2012

Red And Green

Visconti fake leather jacket | Street One blouse | H&M jeans
Deichmann heels | no name necklace | Cubus, River Island, pp bracelets

I am sorry for the shit quality of these photos. I was in total hurry but wanted to snap this look since I liked it pretty much in real.
I love the combination of the (fake) leather jacket with the transparent blouse I got on the fleamarket back in September. And the green / black suede heels fit perfectly - even the color of their sole suits the pants, don't you think?

Btw, this is the very last photo from my hallway looking like this. 
Construction works are done.

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Oktober 18, 2012

Kat Von D

Kat Von D for Sephora

I was talking with a friend about cosmetics lately and he (yes HE) was surprised that there's a Kat Von D line.
He only knew her as tattoo artist.
Btw, in case you are reading today: she's a designer as well ;)

So here's what I've been collecting over the years:

Eye Shadow: Sixxshooter, Confessional
Eyeliner: Turbo Lover
Lipgloss: Rocker
High Voltage Eye Primer
Mascara: Lucifer, Sinful Lash
Parfum: Sinner, Saint, Adora

Her stuff is available at US located Sephora or online.

I would not say this is my all time favorite make up stuff, but it's great stuff, good quality and not too expensive. I am going to collect more next time I'll be somewhere around.

What make up brands do you use?
Ever heart of KvD, tried, bought?

Thanks for reading, drop me a line :)

Oktober 17, 2012

Arm Party

right hand: both Bijou Brigitte
left hand: River Island, Cubus, Glitter and present from a friend

This is a snap of my "arm party" I found back on my hard drive and felt the need to post it.

Thanks for reading, drop my a line.

Arm party by Leandra Medine / manrepeller.com

Oktober 16, 2012

Wishlist I

1. Kat Von D coat
2. Tripp NYC jeans
3. River Island heels
4. Jeffrey Campbell booties
5. Bershka jacket

Every now and then I browse the online stores and find stuff I like.

So I put a WISHLIST folder on my facebook.
It's not that I really would buy everything - ok, I would if I could...
It's kind of inspiration and yeah - just beautiful pieces.

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Oktober 15, 2012


Vila leatherjacket | Tracy Gang Pussy merchandise tee + DIY | New Yorker jeans
Steve Madden booties | Guess bag | Forever 21 necklace

I posted this jeans already two days ago. And I know I said it was "one last time" in 2013.
Actually I tend to "recylce" my cloth before washing. Means: I style one piece in different ways.
The other day it was white and pink, today it was black and pink.

Which combination do you like better?

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Oktober 14, 2012

Speed Parade / Retro Camera VII

while jogging in the park

think this was the second time I listened to "Worlds Collide"
I was in devastating mood

chilly at work

No Means No gig at Fabrik Hamburg

Déesse Party

sunday mood
(this Twilight shit is so useless for this awesome but in Germany underestimated movie) 

new baby

we drove for dinner to Hamburg

chilling with friends

the most beautiful side of my new heels

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Oktober 13, 2012

One Last Time...

Marc Jacobs jeans jacket | New Yorker jeans | Forever 21 longsleeve
American Eagle necklace | Friis & Company heels | Guess bag | Aldo sunnies

... to go bare feet in heels
... to wear the lovely Marc Jacobs jeans jacket as only jacket
Both at least in 2012. I'll keep them for 2013.

I am not sure about the jeans. Dunno if the jeans got larger over the summer or I became smaller. 
Let's see in spring what will happen to them.

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Oktober 12, 2012

Pleasureque Pain

A few days before we took of for a holiday to relax I ordered a couple of books at amazon.
The Fifty Shades Triology is - well maybe a not so typical holiday lecture.

Actually I was unable to take all three books with me. It took me about two seconds after I held the package in hands until I started reading "Fifty Shades Of Grey" and I 'ate' it. I couldn't put it out of my hands while reading. Ok, there was other stuff to do like work, sports, gigs and meeting friends. But who needs to clean the appartment or enough hours of sleep? 

Great stuff. And while reading I was able to make up my mind about some stuff going on in my life.
Totally out of context when it comes to this story, but about shit going on as we all have it. 
I just realized that my mental pain wasn't pleasureque anymore since there was no satisfaction in sight. 
I took my life in my hands and changed stuff. 

Nothing sexual, don't get me wrong. This ain't a blog about sex. :)

Oktober 11, 2012

Déesse Party / Recycling

New Yorker cardi | Ralph Lauren tee | C&A snake print jeans
Deichmann booties | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
Bijou Brigitte, Glitter and River Island bracelets

I was to an Déesse cosmetics party the other day.
It was fun sitting with the girls trying new stuff.
Afterwards we got a nice present.

Jeez, I showed you this jeans already only a few days ago.
But you can recycle cloth, can't you? Means you can wear it twice or thrice before washing. For not looking the same all the time, just style them different - e.g. with a brand new pair of shoes.

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Oktober 10, 2012

Another Rainy Day

Visconti fake leather jacket | HardRock Couture scarf
H&M knit, Abercrombie and Fitch jeans
Shixo wedges | Guess watch | MMJ bracelet

One of these days back in gray and rainy Germany.

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Oktober 09, 2012

A Closet Full Of Nothing To Wear (part 1) - Something Unexpected

Visconti fake leather jacket
Esprit blouse | C&A jeans | Tamaris boots
no name earrings | h+m, no name and Ü-Ei bracelets
P2 No 740 'electric' nailpolish

A Closet Full Of Nothing To Wear
might become a series here on Style Conspirator.

We all have tons of stuff in our closets and every other day we don't have anything to wear.
That's a fact; no discussion about this.

Girls, let's take it easy. Just think about what you have!
Today I took something almost forgotten (the black-brown snake print jeans I found by accident in a C&A sale for 5€, thank god for not too many people buying the small sizes there!), something new (the orange blouse) and something totally unexpected - combining orange with blue tuquois.
The jacket is my current uniform and the boots are two years old but taken out every other day during the colder seasons.

What do you think about the combination of orange and blue turqouis?

Thanks for reading, drop me a line ;)