Oktober 20, 2012

What's In My Bag?

Miss Sixty Bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet

I took this photo on a pretty average day and this is what I carry around most of the time.

The Miss Sixty bag is a souvenier from Grand Canary last year. I saw it at Macy's there and didn't want to spent the money. I didn't get it out of my mind so I took it home in the end.
The MMJ wallet found it's way into my shopping card while I was supposed to buy the MMJ bag only. It was like "WTF this 'little' more money doesn't count anymore now".

What else is there?
My all-in-one-thingie called phone and inears therefore. It's a HTC sensation and I LOVE it! There's nothing better then this one.
As well there are earplugs since you never know which gig you might end up.
Even I have a smartphone I carry a paper calender around. I am a little old schooled when it comes to this kind of stuff and still keep paper calenders running in my bag and at the office table.
As well I have a notes book as I have to write down everything all the time.
Sure I am in need of a pen, just anyone is enough so I won't mind to loose it.
Seems this day I had some time to wait out somewhere so I took a magazine with me. You can replace it with any interesting book. 

Hairbrush, bebe lip balm, love+beauty lip gloss, cigs and two lighters (sometimes only one, three are possible as well) and my keys.

That's it.

What do you carry around on an every day basis?

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