Oktober 09, 2012

A Closet Full Of Nothing To Wear (part 1) - Something Unexpected

Visconti fake leather jacket
Esprit blouse | C&A jeans | Tamaris boots
no name earrings | h+m, no name and Ü-Ei bracelets
P2 No 740 'electric' nailpolish

A Closet Full Of Nothing To Wear
might become a series here on Style Conspirator.

We all have tons of stuff in our closets and every other day we don't have anything to wear.
That's a fact; no discussion about this.

Girls, let's take it easy. Just think about what you have!
Today I took something almost forgotten (the black-brown snake print jeans I found by accident in a C&A sale for 5€, thank god for not too many people buying the small sizes there!), something new (the orange blouse) and something totally unexpected - combining orange with blue tuquois.
The jacket is my current uniform and the boots are two years old but taken out every other day during the colder seasons.

What do you think about the combination of orange and blue turqouis?

Thanks for reading, drop me a line ;)

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