Oktober 23, 2012

Back From Greece

I am back from wonderful two weeks on Kos, Greece. 
My kids and I enjoyed the sun and the ancient sights. Besides I was a little shopping, not that much as you can see.
But I kind of fullfilled myself a dream with those booties.

Two weeks without internet was good. Nevertheless I missed being in touch with some ppl.

After coming home yesterday I met up with my appartment sitter and we had a drunk welcome back party. It was good to see some ppl again yesterday and today.
Esp two of you: I missed you and it's great to have you back finally.

Expect some holiday and some outfit photos to follow during the next days.
Let's see what I am able to mix up with some up to date shots.

Hope you enjoyed the pre postings during the last days.

Thanks for reading. Drop me a line.


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