Oktober 02, 2012

Rockchic Was It

H&M knit | leather skirt from flea market | Visconti fake leather jacket
Osco heels | Guess bag
New Yorker sunnies | Forever 21 necklace | different bracelts

This was last sunday, a sunny day. It was so warm, I was carriing my jacket around all the time, fearing cold since I was freezing that much the week before. No need for it, but how shall I know?

We drove to Hamburg for "fine dinner" at Hard Rock Cafe, a walk on the Elbe and Reeperbahn.

It was a fine trip with my good friend Mike Breeze. 
He's playing in a band (leading the band) and in case you are interested check it out here
Currently he's in the studio working on the debut of Solowshow and the second release of Mirror.

Thanks for reading, drop me a line :)