Oktober 21, 2012

Madagascar III

Visconti fake leather jacket | H&M knit and tights | Pimkie fake leather skirt
New Rock boots
American Eagle necklace | New Yorker sunnies | Guess watch | Strawberry, Gina Tricot, Monki and Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelets

The kids and I really like the Madagascar movies and before we took off for the holidays we went to the movies to see Madagascar 3. Awesome. I am pretty much into kids movies with parts of adult humour.
Have you seen the movie? I'd really recommend it.

In case you realized I didn't mention the bag above. Right. I didn't - on purpose.
This bag was waiting for dust in my mum's hallway for ages. I have never seen her taking it out, nevertheless she told me she did. Last time I was at my parent's place I simply decided to "borrow" it. As I know my mum I won't have to take it back any time (soon). Dunno where it's from, dunno if it has a brand or not, the sign is cut out. But who cares?
I am in like with it. Suites me much better as my mum ;)

What do you think?

Thanks for reading, drop me a line ;)

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