März 14, 2013

Weeks Of Flats

Chic + Me longsleeve | Ambience Apparel vest
C&A snake print jeans 
Deichmann booties | Lindgrøn leather jacket | Pieces scarf

März 13, 2013

Ornaments And The USA

C&A longsleeve | Orsay jeans
Converse sneakers | Asos scarf | Zona Zero bag
New Yorker jeans jacket | Visconti fake leather jacket
Esprit sunnies | ebay, H&M and Glitter bracelets

new in by C&A

As I told you yesterday: it was warm, really warm last week. Around 15° in the early afternoon.
Tho it was freezing in the night time. 
But the sun felt so good on the skin, the air breathed to wonderful.

Summer, where are you?

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März 12, 2013

The Thing With The Shoes - 5 in 2013


I am a Coverse addict.
This will be pair no 6 in use. At least after the snow will be gone.

There was summer last week, wasn't it?
Now it's white and freezy cold. 
Why did I buy summer shoes again?

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März 11, 2013

Black White Gold

Zara knit | River Island jeans
Deichmann booties | Cubus bracelet

Just mix it unusual...
White and gold? 
Go for it!

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März 10, 2013

Spring Blouse

Orsay blouse | 1982 jeans | SPM booties

My collegue is fun sometimes.
The other day I looked like a coral reef and this time he said "Oh heh, you are wearing your spring blouse again!"
I wore this outfit on March 1. And I have to admit, it was on purpose. I felt like colors, I felt like spring -
I felt like wearing my spring blouse and green jeans!

Do you like?

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März 09, 2013

Anything Goes

New Yorker blouse | Tripp NYC jeans
Görtz booties | Friis and Company bag
Cubus belt

When I was young (which means centuries ago) there was a slogan saying:
"Grün und blau trägt die Sau."
Meaning: You CAN'T wear green and blue in one outfit.

Nowerday there is a color called petrol, which IS green and blue in one.
Besides you can wear green and blue easily.

Actually I tried this before. Same jeans btw.

I think it's just a question of shades!

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März 08, 2013

Colorful Closet

I hate an uncleaned home.
Well, I hate cleaning up but I hate the stuff happening when not vacuum cleaning even more. :)
I tend to wash regularely. 
I love to iron my cloth. I really do.
But I don't iron  that often. I need to have time and be in the right mood.

Last weekend I had time "to kill". I was alone at home, it was chilly, I felt like watching DVD and I had stuff to iron to spent the time of the DVD.

When I was done I felt like sorting my closet. 
First: Winter is to be gone.
Second: There is so much stuff in the closet again.
Third: Back in the days there was one color: black. Nowerdays there are a million shades of everything.

I needed a new system.
Et voila. This is the outcome.

How do you arrange your cloth?

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März 07, 2013

Neon Grunge Of Today

H&M shirt and striped tank | Vero Moda military tank | Mango jeans
Doc Martens boots | Vila leather jacket 
Mondani bag | American Eagel watch necklace | H&M men vintage belt

I am in a hurry with too much time.
This is what I am wearing right now.

Since I had time left I shoot and posted before work.
Now time ran out and I am on the run.

(Photo 6: "New In" H&M basics)

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März 06, 2013

Back To February

H&M knit | Orsay jeans
Friis and Company bag | Görtz booties
Forever 21 necklace | Cubus & River Island bracelets

This was back in February for a cozy saturday at my sister's
and for going out for a gig.
Kind of recycled from this outfit.

Everything can be worn twice or more. It's just a question of combination. Isn't it?

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März 05, 2013

I heart Grunge N Roll

H&M shirt | River Island jeans
Steve Madden booties | New Yorker jeans jacket | Visconti fake leather jacket
Friis & Company bag | Ray Ben sunnies | Tally Weijl scarf 
Guess watch | Forever 21 necklace

There have been some other blog titles in my head as well but in the end I came back to my first thought while taking the piccies this morning.
Yes, this is today's outfit.

I have been a little behind with the outfits before and just to make sure: there are still some photos on hold.
I'll sort them!

Do you like this one?

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März 03, 2013

Like A Coral Reef

Street One coat | no name loop scarf
Cubus knit | Orsay jeans
Deichmann booties | Friis And Company bag
River Island and Cubus bracelets | Forever 21 necklace

It's freezing cold outside and snowing all day - or at least it was the day of this outfit (February 22nd).
Some bright colors make you smile.
Less did I know in the moring how shitty this day would become.
Well, the day is done, the snow is gone. 
Spring can't be too far anymore.

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März 02, 2013

It's About Greenish Bags This Time

Friis And Company

Bags? It's been a while since my last one.
So here we go again. This time it's green.
The Asos bag is kind of mint green with golden hardware, 
the Friis And Company one is petrol / gold.

Love Love Love.

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März 01, 2013

Gradient Statement

Gina Tricot necklace
Orsay blouse | Esprit jeans
Christian Louboutin booties

I long for spring. I long for fresh colors.
Yellow is one of them.

Besides I choose this outfit for an important meeting.
Hopefully the necklace wasn't too statement, the blouse to colorful and the heels too high.
In the end my knowledge was convincing. ;)
No matter what I looked like.

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Februar 28, 2013

Best Of: January And February 2013


I totally forgot to post the "Best Of: January". Never mind there haven't been too many outfit posts.
And better let's not speak of the quality of the pictures.

To be honest I am not that happy of my mirror becoming my best friend in photographing. Stupid situation.
But I really don't want to let this blog die. At least not for now. 
And I still like my outfits.

Hopefully I am not the only one.

I'd really appreciate any comments.