März 08, 2013

Colorful Closet

I hate an uncleaned home.
Well, I hate cleaning up but I hate the stuff happening when not vacuum cleaning even more. :)
I tend to wash regularely. 
I love to iron my cloth. I really do.
But I don't iron  that often. I need to have time and be in the right mood.

Last weekend I had time "to kill". I was alone at home, it was chilly, I felt like watching DVD and I had stuff to iron to spent the time of the DVD.

When I was done I felt like sorting my closet. 
First: Winter is to be gone.
Second: There is so much stuff in the closet again.
Third: Back in the days there was one color: black. Nowerdays there are a million shades of everything.

I needed a new system.
Et voila. This is the outcome.

How do you arrange your cloth?

Thanks for reading.
Drop me a line.


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