Februar 28, 2013

Best Of: January And February 2013


I totally forgot to post the "Best Of: January". Never mind there haven't been too many outfit posts.
And better let's not speak of the quality of the pictures.

To be honest I am not that happy of my mirror becoming my best friend in photographing. Stupid situation.
But I really don't want to let this blog die. At least not for now. 
And I still like my outfits.

Hopefully I am not the only one.

I'd really appreciate any comments.


Februar 27, 2013

Something Unexpected

Orsay cardi | New Yorker dress
C&A leggings | Deichmann booties | Orsay loop scarf

I was sick and tried of wearing jeans and jeans and jeans - no matter which color.
This very old New Yorker dress came into mind while thinking about styling.

What do you think of mixing blues with black?

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Februar 26, 2013

Gray And Pink

H&M coat | touch gloves | scarf from some trip 
New yorker cardi and jeans | Esprit blouse 
Kayla Shoes boots | Guess watch and bag | American Eagle necklace

I felt like combining new colors and this was the outcome.
Shades of pink and shades of gray.
What do you thing?

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Februar 25, 2013

Studs And Stripes

Only jeans shirt | H&M tank | Forever 21 tank
H&M jeans | Steve Madden booties
Aldo necklace

From New York to Los Angeles.
A couple of holiday memories in one outfit.
Speaking of the booties I bought last time I was in New York and the rosary I took home from Los Angeles.

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Februar 24, 2013

Februar 23, 2013

Shopping 2013 / Part II



I can't remember shopping at Orsay any time before. But I ended up there the other day.
I don't know why.
Maybe because I am really over H&M. At least I hope. I am sick and tired of their quality.
New Yorker is boring at the moment. Tally Weijl isn't a store I'd recommend. 
What else do we have for "cheap" every day stuff? Nothing as long as you stay in Kiel and don't want to shop online.
So why not try Orsay?

Have you ever shopped there? What are your experiences?

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Februar 22, 2013


Zara knit | H&M jeans
Christian Louboutin boots
Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet | Glitter necklace

I know I know. I showed this knit with black skinnyes before.
Why again? It's another combination, isn't it?
I like the studs all over, even more combined with the perfect red in the shoes.

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Februar 17, 2013

The Thing With The Shoes - 3 + 4 in 2013


Only a few days ago I posted a blog with this numbers.
But ... I took both pairs of heels back. Not because I didn't like them but I didn't stop asking myself to which occasion I might wear the one or the other pair. Just to put them in my shelf? That would be the studded ones due to being extraordinaire. 
But I like to take my shoes out.

Yesterday I told about another shopping adventure with my boyfriend.
This day I pulled him into Deichmann since I saw those black booties with the golden cap the other day. I couldn't stop thinking of them and heard them screaming my name all the way to where we live. 
He didn't like them on the shelf but on my feet. Bought - I had for sure no matter what he thought (don't tell him!). And he found those light blue ones. Like them?

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Februar 16, 2013


New Yorker blouse | H&M jeans | Görtz booties
Forever 21 necklace | Bijou Brigitte bracelets

Out of a sudden I realized I haven't been using nail polish in ages. When I think about it, since my boyfriend moved in. I can't remember a time that long not polishing my nails. 
Sometimes I miss it. Sometimes I wanted to but this and that was happening and I didn't have time or I just was not thinking about it.
Since day X I am not wearing that much accessiores anymore as well. What is going on?

It's not him, to make this clear.
My boyfriend is wonderful. And he is great to take out for shopping. I'll post another shopping adventure during the next days!
Maybe it's just that I am not used to live with anyone beside my sons anymore. It's really different!

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Februar 15, 2013

New York New York

Marc Jacobs jeans jacket | Esprit sweater | Tripp NYC jeans
Tamaris boots

New York Fashion Week, New York all around the blogs.
I have to admit I am a little jealous to see all those NYC photos around. Not that I am that keen on attending fashion week (well, why not?) but I miss that city!
It almost been a year I was there last time. And when seeing those photos of Times Square e.g. I feel like standing in the middle of it. Nothing changed even all is different.
It doesn't help to sit at home being sick and feed you with outfits of last week.

Nevertheless I hope you like it.

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Februar 14, 2013

The Truth | Retro Camera XII

Cäsar using the toilette :)

out of "Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?" / Steven Tylor



the other day at the cliff line

the other day at the cliff line

the other day at the cliff line

found in a parking lot

food at the office


Happy Valentine's Day!

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