Februar 09, 2013

Boyfriend Style

H&M knit out of boyfriend's closet | H&M jeans
Görtz booties | Street One coat | Pieces scarf
Miss Sixty bag | American Eagle necklace

I've been through emotionally bad times lately. Even my smile in these photos might seem a little fake I have to say: I can smile again. Life was shit for about two weeks but now some things are sorted and I feel good again. You never know what might come up again - but so far: enjoy every day. I am back to this mood!

I wore this outfit for a girls night out at the movies the other day. We saw "Schlussmacher" and really had fun. The story wasn't that extraordinary, more a combination of "Up in the air" and "Date doctor". But every story is written already, isn't it? This time it was more about the characters and the sights involved in the movie. Not to speak about to much product placement.

Any movie you saw lately and would recomment?

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