September 30, 2012

Schwarz Rot Gold

Esprit blazer | Crashdiet Generation Wild Tour tee + DIY | H&M jeans 
Osco heels | Cubus belt | Glitter and River Island bracelets | no name necklace
Rival De Loop No 18 lipstick

As I promissed the other day I wanted to put an outfit around the lovely new Osco heels and here we go.
I didn't wear this outfit on any special occasion so far, but it would go out like this - just depending where. 

Maybe for the last day in my old job? Yeah, I am going to change jobs in a couple of weeks. My old colleagues already know I am unable to dress myself properly. Well, I don't know, maybe they are just not stylish? Ok, enough of that. But matter of factly that would be an occasion.
Or I'll just grab some friends for a coffee somewhere ;)

Underlining the over the top heels I did a little more make up as usual with the darkred lip stick, at least for a day outfit. Forget about the nail polish, I was too lazy to redo it just for a photoshoot.

Thanks for reading, drop me a line ;)

September 29, 2012

Shoe Shelf

summer shoes and heels

booties and Converses

booties, boots and sports shoes

Guess | Friis & Company | Tamaris | Deichmann | H&M

Deichmann |  Detox | tons of Converse

New Rock, Tamaris, Steve Madden, Doc Martens

Lately I was asked to post pictures of my wardrobe room.
I don't have a wardrobe room!

When you enter the door of my appartement you fall into my shoe shelf straight ahead.
I rearranged it the other day and this is the outcome.

I have been looking for a new book shelf for my living room since a while now but haven't found any fitting my style AND price limit. 
But the plan is like this: As soon as the new book shelf moved in with me, the white Billy, where I store my books at the moment, will become a shoe shelf. I am going to rearrange the hall way - where there is the clothes rail for our jackets at the moment will be both Billys and other way round. 
I am in need of more space since this solution simply looks like chaos and I can't stand it anymore.
And I am thinking of glass doors for both shelves.

What do you think?
How many pairs of shoes do you have?
And how do you store them?

Seems I am the type for Converse and black booties.

Thanks for reading, drop me a line ;)

September 28, 2012

The Other Day

Vila leather jacket 
Zara knit | Tripp NYC jeans 
Converse sneakers | Guess bag | Glitter necklace

Actually I showed you this outfit before.
It's what I choose for the Osco guestblog. I decided to post all three photos here as well.

Originally I choose this outfit for a day at work and a coffee date right afterwards.
Since I thought this would be a good one for the "How to put a top outfit together" topic and there was no chance to shoot it the first day and wore it again another day for a friend's birthday party.

Do you like it?
And in case you understand German: did you like my guestblog?

September 27, 2012

Holy Shit

Osco heels

While I was shopping with the kids the other day I fell over these heels (again).
Saw them before, thought of them before - didn't buy them.
Well... now they are standing on the edge of my bed.

Have you ever bought shoes you don't know if you'll ever wear them just because they are so beautiful?
And comfy? - To wear and to touch.

As a matter of fact I will put an outfit together with these lovley ones for sure - just for the fun of it.
And I have to find a reason to take them out.
Work is a No Go tho - not only due to 14cm.

What do you think about them?

September 26, 2012

Call Of The Wild

Visconti fake leather jacket
Weekday tee | Original jeans
Cubus belt | Guess bag | Tamaris booties
American Eagle necklace

Just some "I don't know what to wear but there are those jeans I have to wear again before washing and pick any random tee" outfits.
I had a day off of work and errands to run.

Quite rock'n'roll again.

September 25, 2012

Gray Mouse

Visconti fake leather jacket | Mango jeans
Cubus scarf | Miss Sixty bag | Tamaris booties | New Yorker sunnies

It's fall. It's cold.
I cannot remember wearing this many layers any September before!

Underneath the jacket I was wearing a random band hoodie. Actually it's not that random at all; it's a SIC hoodie from their Pandemonium tour 2009.
In case you are into great (still underground) thrash metal, check them out here.

Last saturday I was shopping some clothes for the kids and was too lazy to think about what to wear.
So I took a simple outfit which ended up as fine rock chic - not like fashion but like me.

This is what Style Conspirator is about. 
Not what's in but what's me. 
I am Rock'n'Roll.

September 24, 2012

Life's Sweet Drug / Retro Camera V

The other day at the sports club we had a "wet t-shirt competition" ;)

Mango jeans | Converse sneakers


sometimes you have to reward yourself


two weeks ago... last chance to swim outside

I went to the supermarket for some.... milk!

coffee time


my friend rearranged a part of my shoe shelf

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September 23, 2012

Green And Blue

H&M parka | Street One blouse | Cheap Monday jeans
Deichmann booties | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag 
Aldo sunnies | Bijou Brigitte bracelets | River Island earrings
basic "New York Nailpolish" No.01 central park

It's been a while since I shot this photos and I found them back on my hard drive.
I was unsure to post them since there is a mistake in the outfit.

After shooting this pictures and checking them I changed the belt into this one.
Suits much better, doesn't it?

September 22, 2012

Water Colors

Tripp NYC jeans | no name tee
Cubus belt | Converse sneakers
Guess watch | Punkyfish, River Island and H&M bracelets | American Eagle necklace

If you are following my tumblr or we are friends at my private facebook you already know about my favorite place to be - my window sill.
Some days ago I wore shades of red, today I felt blue - and you can see that in my outfit as well as in my face.
Nevertheless the day ended up pretty well.

Just in need of sleep and kicking myself in my ass. 

Nevertheless. Have a nice weekend.
What are your plans?

September 21, 2012

Feature: Osco Guestblog

Zara knit | Tripp NYC jeans
Converse sneakers | Glitter necklace

Yesterday I told you there was something fantastic coming up.
The day before yesterday I was featured in OSCO's Blogroll.
Some days ago lovely Patricia of OSCO asked me to write a guestblog and here we go.
It's in German - sorry to my English readers, but in case use google translator - to have some language fun.

Thanks a lot to OSCO and Patricia.

September 20, 2012


Vila leatherjacket | Zara knit
Glitter necklace | River Island earrings

More about this later... in color.
Stay tuned.

September 19, 2012

Keeper Or No Keeper?

Esprit blazer | Bershka tee | Original jeans
Steve Madden booties | Guess bag + watch | American Eagle necklace

And here we go again with the same old question:
Keep the blazer or not?

September 18, 2012

Last Friday Night - GNO

Tripp NYC jeans | SLASH Apocalyptic Love 2012 Tour tee + DIY
Visconti fake leather jacket
Cubus belt | H&M bag | Converse sneakers
Glitter necklace | Guess watch | Monki, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Glitter bracelets
love&beauty by Forever 21 nail polish

Last Friday Night - Girls Night Out
Doesn't look like a typical GNO outfit?
You might be right, but I am not typical!

It was a night full of fun. First we were on a private party, later we hopped over to dance (and drink) through the night until we crossed the 24h awake line.