September 15, 2012

Fall Look

Esprit blazer | Vero Moda blouse top | H&M jeans
Deichmann heels
American Eagle necklace | Guess watch | Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet
love & beauty by Forever21 'Natural" nail polish

Actually I am quite sure about being a better photographer then a model. That doesn't mean I am good in shooting myself in the mirror. But sometimes my schedule doesn't fit to any photographer of choises one.
To be honest I really don't like myself on 99% of the photos taken of me - I even don't like all those here. 
I don't know many people that are as self-critical as I am. I am working on it and that's why this blog is still running. I don't mind making a fool out of myself.
Life is fun, isn't it?

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