September 16, 2012

love & beauty

love & beauty nail polishes
Natural - summer 2012 | (don't know the name since I rubbed it off, sry) - Matte season 2010 | rubbed off again - season 2011 - glows in black light | Black/Purple - summer 2012

Back in the days when I was crusing down the coast of Califorina on Highway 1 with a beloved friend we stopped by in beautiful Santa Barbara.
Sure we did some shopping at Forever 21 among other shops. There I found this matte greenish nail polish and couldn't resist.
It was my first 'love & beauty' nail polish and I was thrilled by the quality. It was less then $3, if I remember right.

Other times when I came by at any Forever 21 store - I really miss them here in Germany btw - I bought some more colors.
The other ones are from trips to New York.

Actually I was in the London store as well, looking for nail polish for sure but didn't find any :(.

Do you have any favorite nail polish brand?

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