September 03, 2012

Closet Exchange

Ooh, what a weekend. Lots of stuff was scheduled but other things happend. 
Nevermind, I had fun! And got a lot of new stuff.

On friday night we hung out "at home", saturday and sunday in day time we checked a couple of flea markets and besides there was some store checking as well. Saturday afternoon a friend called and invited us to a rehearsal space party were his band played a (not so) private gig and some other bands played afterwards as well. Nice hangout!

Shopping, Flea market, ebay and private closet exchange

1. all new stuff
2. Esprit and Vero Moda blouses | Cubus dress | Zara knit | freebird via Cyroline skirt
3. New Yorker cardi | Street One blouse | Fashion Elle dress | H&M top | no name leather skirt
4. Jennifer Taylor and Zara knit | GAP cardi
5. marimekko for H&M hot pants
6. H&M knit | Mexx pants

I was told I look "shit" in this kind of pants and not like myself. Still there's a reason I took it (might talk about later). I am not sure about the light grey knit - but both is out of the private closet exchange we did on Saturday and there's still possibility to hand it back.

Both dresses were taken out already. So expect outfit pictures about them in two days - and be sure there will be more later on as well.

Hope you had a fun weekend as well!

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