September 10, 2012

Take A Look In The Mirror

H&M tee and leggings, H&M tribute to Marimekko shorts (via ebay)
New Look Heel-Booties
River Island, Glitter and some "dunno" bracelets

Uuh, the quality of these photos is shit. I am sorry!

This was another day without a photographer to be seen anywhere near and so I tried to take some snaps by myself in the mirror. Crap, I know.
But I like the outfit, the combination of black and bright shining shorts.

And I love the booties I couldn't resist last time I was in London. Haven't worn them in a while but it's getting colder now and booties are more essential in an everyday wardrobe. Not that 12,5 cm are THAT everyday - just my addiction. 


Something different to my dear readers.
I know there are at least some readers here but no followers and barely comments.
I'd really appreciate a feed back. Even it's an 'Ego blog' I am not doing this for myself only. ;)


So here we go with another question:
What kind of booties do you prefer in fall: flats, mediums or heels?

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