September 25, 2012

Gray Mouse

Visconti fake leather jacket | Mango jeans
Cubus scarf | Miss Sixty bag | Tamaris booties | New Yorker sunnies

It's fall. It's cold.
I cannot remember wearing this many layers any September before!

Underneath the jacket I was wearing a random band hoodie. Actually it's not that random at all; it's a SIC hoodie from their Pandemonium tour 2009.
In case you are into great (still underground) thrash metal, check them out here.

Last saturday I was shopping some clothes for the kids and was too lazy to think about what to wear.
So I took a simple outfit which ended up as fine rock chic - not like fashion but like me.

This is what Style Conspirator is about. 
Not what's in but what's me. 
I am Rock'n'Roll.

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