September 29, 2012

Shoe Shelf

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Lately I was asked to post pictures of my wardrobe room.
I don't have a wardrobe room!

When you enter the door of my appartement you fall into my shoe shelf straight ahead.
I rearranged it the other day and this is the outcome.

I have been looking for a new book shelf for my living room since a while now but haven't found any fitting my style AND price limit. 
But the plan is like this: As soon as the new book shelf moved in with me, the white Billy, where I store my books at the moment, will become a shoe shelf. I am going to rearrange the hall way - where there is the clothes rail for our jackets at the moment will be both Billys and other way round. 
I am in need of more space since this solution simply looks like chaos and I can't stand it anymore.
And I am thinking of glass doors for both shelves.

What do you think?
How many pairs of shoes do you have?
And how do you store them?

Seems I am the type for Converse and black booties.

Thanks for reading, drop me a line ;)

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