September 08, 2012

Boyfriend Hoodie

Hollister hoodie / men's department | H&M + DIY pants
Converse sneakers | Forever 21 bag

A lazy saturday is on the schedule. Acutally it wasn't scheduled but sometimes life forces you to stay at home since my son is sick :( Hope he's better soon.
Part of a usual saturday in my life is meeting a friend to go to the sportsclub in the early moring and what you see here is what I choose for the way.
I was never into hoodies with big brand prints (besides that "Love Pink" one I have and a "GAP" ended up here as well), but while shopping in New York a few months ago I found this one by accident in the men's department and from that day on it's one of my favorite home wear pieces. Love the color and the fabrics and the print isn't that bad at all.

I am a California Rebel by heart!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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