Dezember 14, 2012

Where I Got Lost Lately – Or: Happy Birthday To Me

It’s my birthday today. I almost forgot about it. Life is busy at the moment and having bday right before x-mas doesn’t help.
I am running from one Christmas party to the other. In between it was my son’s bday two weeks ago and now mine. Party? Nah, just coffee and cake with parents, kids and boyfriend.
Jepp, boyfriend. Keeps me busy but I am happy.
Besides this, my day job, my two new dogs and some moving excitement I am happy to catch every minute of sleep I can get. I don’t even think about what to wear; still I try to look appropriate at work. Nevertheless this doesn’t feel like my usual dressing. There really have been some blog worth outfits but no time or mood for photography.
And it’s so beautiful outside, snow, icy cold, sun at least every second day.
I am on the run to have a look after my cake.
I hope to find back here more often. I only can get chillier in 2013 after “the days”.

Thanks for reading, drop me a line.