August 31, 2012

Inspiration II: What To Wear...

Tripp NYC jeans
H&M blouse, sunnies, bracelet
Osco sandals
Bijou Brigitte bracelet

River Island jeans
H&M knit & sandals

Fishbone / New Yorker jeans
Forever 21 longsleeve
Deichmann heels
Glitter necklace

H&M Jeans
Vero Moda blouse top
Deichmann heels
Bershka necklace | Glitter bracelet

2b bebe blazer
Cubus dress
Friis & Company heels

... for a Date?
I was thinking about this recently and came up with these ideas.
There is so much to think about:
What's too much? But what's too less?
You don't wear flats if you want (something from) a man. Fullstop. But you don't want to be too obvious, do you? So the question: 'flats or heels'?
Jeans or a dress? Depends on were you plan to go for the date.
You neither want to be overdressed nor underdressed.

So you see, there are still a lot more questions. Noone can answer them for you, this are just some ideas.

Which do you like best?

I might tell you what I choose sooner or later.

August 30, 2012

I Feel Good

daftbird dress | Görtz 17 heels
American Eagle necklace
Guess watch | Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies and bracelet

tatata tataaaa
Nothing more to say.

Fishbone jeans jacket

Nevertheless sometimes one needs a jacket... esp since it's already cold in the early morings again - or one has to cover the arms in meetings.

August 29, 2012

I'm A Cowgirl

Trish Summerville for H&M jeans jacket
Broadway NYC blouse | Pimkie fake leather skirt
Primark tights 
Tamaris boots | Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies & bag
Bershka necklace | Cubus and Glitter bracelets | Cubus and family jewelry ring

We went to "Karl May Spiele" to see Winnetou II with the whole family the other day, including my mum and dad.
When I dressed up in the moring I destroyed the plain champagne colored tights. I am that stupid. Since the weather was difficult I decided to need some and those were the only non black ones left. 
Was was very certain about the outfit's greateness in the morning, but now, while looking at the photos and am not sure about it anymore.

What do you think?

August 28, 2012


melrose dress worn as skirt | Forever18 blouse
Friis & Company heels | Guess bag
Monki, Gina Tricot, Strawberry and Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelets | Guess watch | Pilgrimm earings | Glitter necklace

Decision made, the white ones are mine.
One might say they look a little like those Alexander Wang heels, don't you. I think so. And even they are the cheaper version they still were expensive.

August 27, 2012

Ain't Life Grand | Retro Camera II

beach fun

evening temperature | Tea and Alster with friends

beach fun again

goose at the beach | sky

Fro Yo <3 | Steve Madden booties from New York

Duckstein Festival

August 26, 2012

Inconspicuously Average...

H&M parka (a few years old) | Forever 21 longsleeve | Tommy Hilfiger jeans
Converse sneakers | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
H&M belt | American Eagle necklace | no name ring

We had a pretty huge company meeting the other day and so I went to work pretty average by choosing this casual look, at least I thought. Nevertheless I still felt pretty dressed up between the others.

August 25, 2012

Ombre Hair Upside Down

2b bebe blazer | Tommy Hilfiger dress
Deichmann booties | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and sunnies
Cubus bracelets | Bershka necklace

I was a little totally tired of my old hair and it's been a year or so I thought about going lighter. In between I was black, brown and black with a red hairline. So today when I was at the hairdresser I finally had some balls and asked for a lighter color. 
The result happend quiet accidentally - we had to bleach before dying new and what came out after bleaching was quite fun, so we let it be.
I am not that sure how long it takes until I'll overdye again, but for now it's ok. Let's see if I recognize me in the mirror tomorrow morning.

What do you think about my ombre-upside-down-kind of hair?

August 24, 2012

Arm Party

River Island started a 48-h-worldwide-shipping yesterday. I saw this by accident and since there were some little things on my mind already I took the chance.
You can see above what I ordered. Plus two more things. I can show those here - I might keep them for myself or they will become a present. Let's see.

Photos: River Island
"Arm Party" by Leandra Medine/Man Repeller

August 23, 2012

Crazy Weekend

H&M tank | Melville shorts | Steve Madden Booties
Esprit sunnies | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag | Guess Watch | Esprit bracelet

The weekend was crazy fun but a hazzle as well, errands to run, people to meet and wonderful weather to go to the beach, lay in the sun and swim in the sea. 
Just awesome. 
To all the people who were a part of my weekend hazzle: thank you for having fun with me!

What you can see here is what I was wearing on sunday. We went out for breakfast, to the beach afterwards and 'Duckstein Festival' in the evening. 

Hope you had a great weekend as well! (Even the upcoming weekend isn't that far anymore, so I wish you a great one already.)

Photos: OS

August 22, 2012

Black or White?

Friis & Company hells

Sometimes decisions aren't easy made.
I like both pairs of shoes but I can only keep on. Which shall I take?

August 21, 2012

Been There Lately / Retro Camera I

Falkenstein Beach | a part of me

Temperature | Jeans and Heels

Daisy - chilling in the gras | my son's birthday cake

Lunch at the beach | thinking about new nail polish combinations

Kiel City Garden (demonstration against another furniture store where there are gardens now) | freshly cut tree in front of my window

important assesoires last week | Falkenstein beach / Kieler Förde / Ehrenmal Laboe

I don't have instagram which is the only i-product I miss, but since I love my HTC-android-phone and would never switch to any apple I tend to use "retro camera", pretty nice app.
So here are some inspirations from the last weeks.

Do you like this kind of posts and want some more?

August 20, 2012

Inspiration I

h+m google+
I found this a few days ago at H&M google+ and I really dig the jeans.
The other day I broke my turquoise sunnies, so it might happen I have to visit H&M soon. Let's see!

August 19, 2012

Simply Black And White

H&M flary jeans, DIY cut off seams | H&M blouse (a couple of years old)
Deichmann wedges
Miss Sixty bag
Cubus bracelets

A few days ago a thunderstorm was said to come, even the sky was wonderful blue and pink in the moring. I was pretty lazy in the morning and a simple outfit in black and white doesn't need a lot of thinking.

There was no thunderstorm that day but it was raining from noon on, so there are no outfit photos. 
Nevertheless I asume this combination is worth to be shown.