August 12, 2012

No need for another fashion blog...

... nevertheless I start mine today.
I've been mixing photography of different stuff on tumblr for a while which was ment to become a fashion blog in the beginning but tumblr isn't the best platform as I realized.
So I am starting over again here. 

I don't know what will come up, photos I hope. Fashion photos and a couple of words in the end.
Actually I can't and won't promise to post every day. Honestly this is really unlikely. Right now I don't know where this will take me.
Let's see.

Today -in this very first post- I'll show you a little stuff in preparation of something I will get back to asap.

Skirt / Sunnies / Bracelet: H&M
Sandals: Osco
Nail Polish: essie No 94 "Lapiz Of Luxury"

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