August 31, 2012

Inspiration II: What To Wear...

Tripp NYC jeans
H&M blouse, sunnies, bracelet
Osco sandals
Bijou Brigitte bracelet

River Island jeans
H&M knit & sandals

Fishbone / New Yorker jeans
Forever 21 longsleeve
Deichmann heels
Glitter necklace

H&M Jeans
Vero Moda blouse top
Deichmann heels
Bershka necklace | Glitter bracelet

2b bebe blazer
Cubus dress
Friis & Company heels

... for a Date?
I was thinking about this recently and came up with these ideas.
There is so much to think about:
What's too much? But what's too less?
You don't wear flats if you want (something from) a man. Fullstop. But you don't want to be too obvious, do you? So the question: 'flats or heels'?
Jeans or a dress? Depends on were you plan to go for the date.
You neither want to be overdressed nor underdressed.

So you see, there are still a lot more questions. Noone can answer them for you, this are just some ideas.

Which do you like best?

I might tell you what I choose sooner or later.

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