Februar 16, 2013


New Yorker blouse | H&M jeans | Görtz booties
Forever 21 necklace | Bijou Brigitte bracelets

Out of a sudden I realized I haven't been using nail polish in ages. When I think about it, since my boyfriend moved in. I can't remember a time that long not polishing my nails. 
Sometimes I miss it. Sometimes I wanted to but this and that was happening and I didn't have time or I just was not thinking about it.
Since day X I am not wearing that much accessiores anymore as well. What is going on?

It's not him, to make this clear.
My boyfriend is wonderful. And he is great to take out for shopping. I'll post another shopping adventure during the next days!
Maybe it's just that I am not used to live with anyone beside my sons anymore. It's really different!

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