Februar 17, 2013

The Thing With The Shoes - 3 + 4 in 2013


Only a few days ago I posted a blog with this numbers.
But ... I took both pairs of heels back. Not because I didn't like them but I didn't stop asking myself to which occasion I might wear the one or the other pair. Just to put them in my shelf? That would be the studded ones due to being extraordinaire. 
But I like to take my shoes out.

Yesterday I told about another shopping adventure with my boyfriend.
This day I pulled him into Deichmann since I saw those black booties with the golden cap the other day. I couldn't stop thinking of them and heard them screaming my name all the way to where we live. 
He didn't like them on the shelf but on my feet. Bought - I had for sure no matter what he thought (don't tell him!). And he found those light blue ones. Like them?

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