Februar 08, 2013

Jeans And Stripes

Forever 21 longsleeve | Esprit jeans
H&M belt | Deichmann boots | Pieces scarf

In a recap of the latest photos I realized I was wearing a lot of blue denim lately. 
Actually this is strange since I have never been that much of a jeans guy. 
Or to be precise: no blue jeans guy. More the blacks or colored.

Right now I seem to like blue jeans a lot. But there is a need to chance before I'll get bored. 
At least a little.

Right now I open my closet and everything in there just bothers me.
We are at the point where I have a closet full of nothing to wear.
Is it due to the end of season? I am looking forward for spring. I really can's see coats and boots and scarfs and gloves any more. I want hot pants and sandals and sunnies.

And I really need to go shopping somewhere which is not my home town.
Somewhere interesting. Copenhagen or London would be nice. New York is out of reach at the moment.

Which is your favorite city to shop?

Thanks for reading.
Drop me a line.


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