Oktober 05, 2012


Finally I found a little time to take my oh so comfy but sadly broke wedge sandals back to the store.
Yes, I am doing this stuff - taking cloth back when they break within two years. This is possible in Germany.

So I said Good Bye to my beloved sandals - note for SS 2013: new black sandals, as every year.
Why are those so hard to find? At least for me. I have 39 pairs of shoes. Ok, not that much but I am sorting out when broke or not in use in a long while. ;)
Every year the problem is: I am in urgent need of comfy black est. 10 cm sandals for an every day outfit. 
I really should have a collection, but I just don't find my "Mr Right" in this case - or I use them until they break.

So, back to this post:
I took a pair of shoes back. And what happend? I took two pairs of shoes home. 

The red ones were taken out at once and I got a lot of compliments about them already.
And sure I was asked again how much *she* would love to walk on heels but can't and how it goes and stuff.
It's just a question of training, isn't it? I don't know, I am used to it. No problem at all walking on this kind of shoes.

Btw. the red ones are 13 cm, the green ones 12 cm.

Which one do you like better?

Expect outfit posts during the next days.

Thanks for reading, drop me a line. ;)

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