Oktober 22, 2012

Life Changing

Visconti fake leather jacket | not branded leather skirt | H&M knit
Gina Tricot leggings | Mango scarf | Mexx boots | not branded bag

Shit photos under shit circumstances. As I told you the other day my hallway was under construction and I placed my mirror in my living room. The living room needs to be under construction sooner (and not later) as well. 
So welcome to the chaos of my book shelf, my guitar and some untidyed stuff ;)

Ok, about the outfit. Why did I wear it THAT day? There were a lot of reasons. First the knit had to be recycled before washing, second I love the skirt, third... okok. I am the second master of lying to myself. Hoory. Feels good to know about this. Think the winner in the contest got it as well, we are even and all is fine.

Matter of factly this was the last prepost for my holidays. While you are reading this I am on the way to the airport or already on the plane home.
Two weeks are over and at least while I am writing this I am a little worried what will await me back home.

Thanks for reading, drop me a line :)

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