Oktober 06, 2012

Casual But Expensive

Superdry hoodie, Hollister tee, Abercrombie & Fitch jeans
HardRock Couture scarf, Steve Madden booties
essence "Denim Wanted" No 05 'Fivepocket Grey' and Catrice No 160 'Sweets For My Sweet' nailpolish

As I told you yesterday I am too lazy to think about what to wear.
It's cold and dark and rainy and I'd prefer to stay in bed or on the sofa, have a cup of tea and a good book.

But well, life will go on and I get my ass up through the rain - and take a cozy outfit instead.

Fall ain't that bad in the end and it can't rain all the time!
Still I love cozy outfits and the mood for styling will be back sooner as I can turn around. 
It's already there while I am writing this.

What do you wear on cold and rainy days?

Thanks for reading, drop me a line ;)

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