Oktober 12, 2012

Pleasureque Pain

A few days before we took of for a holiday to relax I ordered a couple of books at amazon.
The Fifty Shades Triology is - well maybe a not so typical holiday lecture.

Actually I was unable to take all three books with me. It took me about two seconds after I held the package in hands until I started reading "Fifty Shades Of Grey" and I 'ate' it. I couldn't put it out of my hands while reading. Ok, there was other stuff to do like work, sports, gigs and meeting friends. But who needs to clean the appartment or enough hours of sleep? 

Great stuff. And while reading I was able to make up my mind about some stuff going on in my life.
Totally out of context when it comes to this story, but about shit going on as we all have it. 
I just realized that my mental pain wasn't pleasureque anymore since there was no satisfaction in sight. 
I took my life in my hands and changed stuff. 

Nothing sexual, don't get me wrong. This ain't a blog about sex. :)

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