November 14, 2012


Kayla Shoes

I have been looking for knee high GRAY boots with est 10 cm for a while already. 
This time I ran from shoe store to shoe store to online store to shoe store and it started to get bothering.
Usually buying shoes happens pretty spontanious - I see a pair and they "call my name". 
But from time to time I have something in mind which is absolutely missing in my collection. Lots of knee high boots btw, but I was in need for gray ones right now.

Last saturday I was in a part of town where I usually don't go that often. Actually I was shopping for a birthday present. I came along one of those "cheap plastic shoe shops" and just thought - well, let's have a look.
Et voila... 
Best buys happen unexpected, don't they?

In store I was about compromising about the heel, since it looks and feels really small. I was surprised when I came home and meassured 9 cm. Still no heels, but well...

Thanks for reading, drop me a line.

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