November 03, 2012

Mirror Collection

H&M parka | Superdry hoodie | New Yorker fake leather pants
Converse sneakers | Miu Miu bag

Forever 21 dress | New Yorker bolero 
Osco heels | Miu Miu bag | no name stockings

H&M cardi, tee and jeans
SPM booties

Here we go with a couple of "what I wore" and shot in the mirror.

1. This was an outfit I wore in my old job. I was on the road the whole day and it was a comfy choise.
2. Party time in a rock bar. A friend's friend's birthday.
3. Outfit for my new job. It's a gold colored jeans.

Did you realize the change in my hall way?

Thanks for reading, drop me a line.

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