November 04, 2012


Pink / Victoria's Secret tee | H&M marimekko shorts | Deichmann sandals
Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies

Uuh, it's been a month - almost - since we took these photos. It was our first day of our holidays.
Busy with traveling and checking the "new" surroundings.

About the current situation over here:
Dunno if I told you I changed jobs last week. So after coming back home from Kos / Greece I was busy ending the one job and starting the other. The new job takes a lot more time than expected - which is good in the end. I don't know yet where it will take me and how working hours will interfere the time I spend on this blog.
Besides I think about taking up the job on "my baby" (called webzine) again, at least every now and then. And yeah, there is something called private life as well.
Good to be a workoholic, isn't it?

So yes, I AM FINE. Just don't know how regularely I will post here during the next weeks. Right now I am trying to keep it going more.

Thanks for reading, drop me a line.

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