November 08, 2012

Business Look

Jennifer Taylor knit | H&M shirt | Tripp NYC jeans
Mango coat | Christian Louboutin booties | Miu Miu bag

This was one day last week. It's damn cold over here in Germany, it's already freezing some of the nights.

Right now I feel the need to appear a little more "adult" for work, so I am wearing more business style.
It's not that I am masquerading for work but it's not that I would go anywhere like this during my free time.
And still it's a lot like me, isn't it?

Before I started the job I said I am not going to wear heels there during the first days - I have to admit, it took me one day until I started up with 9 cm. These ones are 12 cm, and you know, heels start at 10 cm. ;)

Thanks for reading, drop me a line.

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